Creativity and research

We’re a space where artists come to experiment with ideas and content, and a Catalan resource center for research and creativity in the field of circus, establishing connections inside and outside the area of activity. Thus, we want to become a meeting place for different generations, techniques and backgrounds.


Our residency program, Trànsits, welcomes more than fifteen artists and contemporary circus professional companies, mainly national, but also from all over the world, on an annual basis.

The Trànsits program includes various residency formats, specially designed for all the different stages an artist goes through as part of their creative process. The two main routes of the program are creativity and research.

The annual call for artist selection is held in November.


Sharing processes

Sharing the work in progress is a vital step for any creative process. Whether it’s a subject that’s still fragile and in search of its own path, or established scenes in need of the audience’s reaction, all demonstration formats have their moment and significance. They’re always the opportunity to discover new aesthetics and universes.

Formation and accompaniment

Continuous training is a fundamental part in the development of the professional life of circus artists. It is a central objective of our project, also to encourage the reflection of creators through it.

Besides the activities proposed in the framework of the Espai d’Acompanyment, the work around training is oriented from two sides: on the one hand, from a perspective focused on experimentation and research, with the format of artist workshops; and, on the other hand, from a point of view more focused on circus technique, with the technique workshops proposed by members.


Contemporary circus needs a reflection on its own definition and development from studies and artistic practice. The aim of this area is to investigate and recognize the proposals shared by artists and creators from different points of view, for a general understanding, forming the essence of a circus nourished by its own discipline and reflection.


La Central works in a network with other creative centers and different types of entities, both nationally and internationally.

The projects we develop have three main objectives: to enable the mobility of artists and the exchange of experiences between professionals from different contexts and horizons; connect La Central del Circ with other creative centers that contribute to the awarenesss of Catalan circus in the European context and beyond; and bring the circus closer to new audiences, positioning it as an art.

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