Keeping in shape and rehearsal are vital practices for creativity, development and achieving a professional level in circus. Because of their importance, they are also the focal point of our work as a creation and artist support space.

Train at La Central

At the core of La Central del Circ, training and rehearsal are treated both physically and conceptually. The training hall is one of the main attractions of our building, an outstanding space fully equipped for practicing almost all the disciplines of the circus, with a total surface of 650sqm and a height of 8.7m.

In circus, training goes beyond daily physical activity and keeping in shape. The training hall is a space for meeting, interchange and trials. The daily contact between artists is what drives new projects and artistic configurations. Even more so, many artists from all around the world take advantage of any trips to Barcelona to discover the center and train.

Here at La Central we also offer shared training sessions together with La Grainerie and La Cascade, in France.


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Coworking space
Multipurpose room


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Meetings between artists

La Central cedes space for the performance of some activities self-managed by users of the equipment, with which it also collaborates in various ways. The aim of these activities is to strengthen the involvement of passengers, as well as the relationship between passengers and the management team. On the other hand, it wants to give rise to the possibility of new, interesting proposals from these experiences being developed in depth.