The area of mediation focuses on generating connections within the area in order to open up the space to its constituency, thus empowering the artistic practice as a transformation tool.

The main fields of activity develop actions oriented at generating processes of reflection and creation within education, local and artistic communities. A good example of these processes in action is the establishment of relationship spaces where meetings and significant connections take form.


As a creativity factory, we’re committed to all the artists and creators, including other artistic communities and means of understanding creativity, who want to collectivize their creative processes.

These artistic practices connect to the social side of art, which switches the focus from the artistic object (circus curriculum) to the context. The processes are not centered on technique, but on the attention to the process itself, and their clear orientation is towards nourishing shared communities through the different expressions of the circus.

At the same time, collective creation is considered another creation subject worthy of investigation, which not only helps La Central del Circ to connect with its close environment, but also provides artists with new means of becoming professional.

Circus and education

The main objective of this program is to connect circus creativity and creation to formal and community education. To achieve this, we’re setting out on three paths:

Cultural activities at education centers: projects where circus artists share their creative process and circus techniques with the aim of promoting and empowering cultural rights to the youth attending these centers.

Educational activities at La Central del Circ: collaborations with cultural agents from the Besòs-Maresme neighborhood, in order amplify the relationships between school centers and associations from the area, thus overcoming the segregation between culture and education.

Community activities in the area: meetings between creators, education professionals and mediation with the purpose of sharing the knowledge and methodologies used to facilitate learning and the artistic creation process for the young generations.


We, at La Central del Circ, want to make professional meetings related to the field of circus a usual occurrence. In this sense, besides the public demonstrations, we’re offering shared spaces for interchange and meetings, and our effort into bringing contemporary circus closer to the professionals working in the non-artistic cultural sector.