Resolution of the call for residencies Trànsits de la Creació 2021


On December 14, the Artistic Council of La Central del Circ selected the projects that will be part of the Paths of Creation program for 2021. This year 166 projects have been submitted, almost 50% more than those submitted in 2020 of which 16 have been selected. The proposals selected are the following:




– Alice Rende

– Iaia Romanini (4 setmanes)

– Toni Gutiérrez (4 setmanes)






– Juan Fresina Scotto – 2do Movimiento

– Clara Cortés i Moritz Grenz – HEDONIA

En Estudi / En Fabricació

– Pilolet  – Proxima Centauri

– Colectiva Fin d’Race – Niebieski

– Random – Entrevista con la Máquina del Tiempo

– Companyia Kevlar – ELLES

– Cia Doisacordes – Cá Entre Nós

– Laskaskas – Let it happen

– Brunette Bros – Mama Calypso

– Stoptoy o Los Putos Maquinas – Petróleo



– Lucha Emilia Compagnie Grand Vacarme – Proyecto PAPY 

– Cia DébilEmmental – Ternura y Chocolate 


This selection has been carried out by the Artistic Council, accompanied by the current artistic direction of La Central, Helena and Antxon Ordóñez Bergareche.

This year the Artistic Council has incorporated new people, proposed by the same council, depending on different profiles and trajectories (emerging, long experience, knowledge of the sector on an international scale, lin with the territory, links with other sectors of the arts, etc.) The current members of the council are  the following: Sílvia Capell, Sergio González, Bet Garell i Marcel Escolano, Lorena Madurga, Semolina Tomic, Bastian Von Marttens, Gregorio Torchia, Clara Prieto, Fabrizzio Gianinni i Armando Rabaneda, Giulia Poltronieri and Elena Zanzu.

We wish that all the projects presented, with or without the support and grants of La Central, will succeed. And that these next months of uncertainty that await us, do not have a brake on the creativity of our sector.

La Central del Circ team