On 22 and 23 of March will take place a new EP, with Elis Valente, Pablo Molina, ROOM100 and Marina Cherry


ROOM100. ©Jahvo Joža

On Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March, at 8pm, will take place a new EP (Extended Performance), the exhibition in creation of La Central del Circ.

This edition will consist of four performances of about 20-25 minutes by the artists Elis Valente, Pablo Molina and Marina Cherry, and the company ROOM100. This year, the exhibition aims to give value to the European circusnext program and, therefore, all the participating artists and companies have in common that they have been awarded or selected at some stage of this project.


General entry: 8€
Reduced entry: 6€ (partners of the APCC and users of La Central del Circ).
Recommended age: +12
Advance sale to Entrapolis at this link or one hour before at La Central. Capacity is limited.


About the companies

Elis Valente – ‘Tension’ 

Elis Valente is a multidisciplinary artist with training in aerial acrobatics, movement arts and scenography, a reflection of her current artistic language. Obsessed with geometric structures, plastics, chaos, and transformation. Interested in artistic practice, ethics, and collective construction.

Recently, she has created her company to carry out and deepen her new contemporary circus project, ‘Tension’, which was selected by circusnext 2024.

‘Tension’ is the intimate space where discomfort resides. It’s this lift, the staircase, the emergency exit. A body in contact with the object. A hostile object that damages its skin; it becomes skin, flesh; it could be another body, perhaps this body. How far can we resist?

Author and performer: Elis Valente
Rigging and lights: Sarah Jeneway
External view: Alejandro Dutra i Elena Zanzu
(Recommended age: +12)


Pablo Molina – ‘CANDY’ 

Born in Reus, trained at the Rogelio Rivel circus school in Barcelona (2010-2012) and at the International School of Arts in Beijing, and graduated from Le Lido in Toulouse (2014-2016). Co-creator of the Random company. Specialized in hand balance, contortion, dance and theatre. His creative task is to hybridize these arts to create his own language. This research is present in a constant evolution, both in the different creations in which he has worked, and in his work as a trainer.

With a mix of circus, dance and theatre, ‘CANDY’ weaves horror and comedy in a unique experience, where the protagonist delves into a surreal world when he rents a house in search of tranquility.

Author and performer: Pablo Molina
Scenography: Betty Cau
(Age: all publics)


ROOM100 – ‘C8H11NO2 (2.0)’ 

ROOM 100 began as a company founded by Croatian artists Antonia Kuzmanić and Jakov Labrović in 2010. After five years of tour, Jakov returned to the sculptural arts and finished his doctorate and Antonia focused on national and international collaborations, designing and implementing many different projects to strengthen the contemporary circus sector in Croatia and the Balkan area. “C8H11NO2 (2.0)” is their return to the stage as authors and performers after an 8-year pause.

“C8H11NO2 (2.0)” is a new derivation of the original performance of the ROOM100 collective, which premiered in 2011 and was the winner of circusnext, 2009-2010 edition. Combining contortion with interactive modeling, “C8H11NO2 (2.0)” is investigating mental health issues to deepen understanding of neurodiversity and increase public awareness and sensitivity on its various dimensions and complexities.

Concept: Jakov Labrović
Performers: Antonia Kuzmanić i Jelena Vujović
(Recommended age: + 12)


Marina Cherry – ‘AVoid’ 

Marina Cherry, based in Stockholm, is a contortionist-acro-dancer, educated at ESAC (Brussels 2016-2019) and ENC (Montreal 2014-2016) she is now working on her solo show ‘Only Bones v.1.6’ as well as collaborative projects around Europe, including companies Les Argonauts and Petri Dish and Cirkus Cirkör. Her research-based approach to creation and performing puts her somewhere between dance, contemporary circus and physical theatre; with her body as the tool of manipulation and method for redefining traditional constructs and deconstructing techniques to find her own language.

‘AVoid’ is an anonymous space. An unusual body. A desultory corruption seeking reprieve. A pursuit of one’s fantasies, fears, and neuroses. Without a need for resolution or justification, AVoid is the astringent potentiality of the “in-between”: neither here nor there. The project is an attempt to touch on realities that belong to the indiscernible, the ineffable, those that are a reminder of the dissipation of certainties.

This project is born from Marina’s fascination with solitude, contradictions, alienation and the impact of rapidly developing—devolving—society in the face of digitalization. The common point being the concept hikikomori—the withdrawal into seclusion, a particular condition in Japanese society where people avoid social contact to an extreme level. Shutting oneself in.

Author and performer: Marina Cherry
Light designer: Tribal Condy
Artistic and choreographic support: Brandon Lageart i Sara Angelucci
(Recommended age: + 10)