La Central del Circ participates in the UP Festival, with other entities from Catalonia, to network with the Belgian and international market

International projects

La Central del Circ was one of the fifteen entities that was part of the Catalan delegation at the Up Festival (Brussels), one of the most important events in the contemporary circus sector around the world. The delegation was organized by Catalan Arts and Trapezi with the aim of networking with the Belgian and international market.

The activities of the Catalan focus at the UP Festival were concentrated on March 27 with the programming of three showcases by the Catalan companies Cia. Du’K’tO, Impulsos and Manel Rosés, which showed a fragment of their shows, and a round table moderated by Trapezi, and with the collaboration of the Catalan entities, to present the ecosystem of the Catalan circus to the international attending professionals.

The festival also programmed shows by three Catalan companies, Palimsesta, Rauxa and Akira Yoshida & Lali Ayguadé, and presented two more companies in the morning pitchings: the Circus Company “eia” and Escarlata.

The participation of La Central del Circ in this event is one more step towards the internationalization of the space, and made it possible to meet reference centers in the world of circus such as the Valona Community of Brussels, which has 6,700 square meters of surface dedicated to this discipline, as well as visit different facilities in the city of Ghent.