From January to June 2024 will take place new trainings with Manuvision


The APCC and La Central del Circ are launching a second edition of the collective training cycle for circus professionals, by Steffen Lundsgaard, from Manuvision. These trainings aim to facilitate the maintenance of the body of circus professionals and at the same time create a meeting and exchange space.

The training sessions will take place every Tuesday, from 10.30am to 12pm, from January to June 2024, in the training room of La Central del Circ.

The cost of each session for APCC members and users with an annual fee of La Central will be €5, and €7 for other professionals.

Interested people can book the number of sessions they want, and places are limited to 20 people per training. You can register here.

How are their trainings
For years Steffen Lundsgaard (Manuvision) has been organizing training inspired by traditional forms of movement, “adapted to modern humans”. Manuvision training relaxes the joints and muscles, stimulates circulation, provides greater body awareness, promotes balance and strengthens body performance. We will work with dynamic exercises, stretching and postures that relax the whole body. Respiration is focused and coordinated with body movement patterns. The correlations between body and mind become conscious. It is also useful for injury prevention.

Brief CV
Steffen Lundsgaard is Danish and has worked in the entertainment world since he was 18. It has been trained in the field of theatre, dance and circus, and has a wide knowledge of the body and its importance as a channel of expression, both physical and emotional. He trained as a Manuvision therapist in Denmark, and since 2007 he has worked as a therapist and coach and is the founder of the first Manuvision headquarters in Barcelona.