Program of activities for emerging circus artists, within the framework of the ‘Circuit d’acompanyament 360º’

Formation and Accompaniment

La Central del Circ participates in two of the 14 measures of the 2nd Circus Promotion Plan 2023-2026, an initiative of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Associació de professionals del circ de Catalunya (APCC) with the aim of promoting and strengthening research, promoting creation and production, creating circuits, strengthening the projection and dissemination of national and international networks, structuring and regulating training, supporting the sector and specific circus entities.

The measure will include the following actions until 2026:

1. Generation of a series of theoretical-practical research and creation laboratories.

2. Facilitating a space for the transmission of knowledge and professional dialogue.

3. Creation of an exhibition circuit for the dissemination of the work of emerging companies and artists in direct contact with the professional world

The programme for this 2024 offers a series of proposals focused on reflection, dialogue, learning and scenic practice, which are aimed primarily at emerging circus artists residing in Catalonia. For all activities, prior registration is required. (If you want to receive information when registration is opened, you can subscribe to the newsletter of La Central (at the bottom of the page) and/or to the database of the accompainment activities.)

You can find all the complet programm here. (Only available in Catalan and Spanish).