A team of seven experts will develop the ‘Live archive’ from the Circus Promotion Plan

La Central

In recent days, the team that will develop the ‘Live archive’ has been set up. The ‘Live Archive‘ is one of the 15 measures that make up the Circus Promotion Plan, led by La Central del Circ.

The team will be made up of two experts in the Catalan circus sector, Joan Ramon Graell and Ramon Bech; one archival professional, Manu Valentín, two experts in software and collaborative platforms, Marc Aguilar and Víctor Jiménez of the Bit Lab Cultural Association; and two people from the management team of La Central del Circ, Víctor Bobadilla (artistic coordinator) and Esther Blázquez (head of mediation projects).

The measure ‘Arxiu Viu‘, aims to strengthen circus research through the creation of a digital archive and the generation of spaces for reflection on circus. This project seeks to collect and organize Catalonia’s circus heritage to preserve its artistic value, provide a documentation space that allows wider access to existing materials, and promote a meeting and collaboration place between artists, creators and researchers.

The Circus Promotion Plan is an initiative of the Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Associació de Professionals del Circ de Catalunya (APCC); a boost to the circus sector through 15 measures to strengthen research, promote creation and production, create circuits, strengthen the projection and dissemination of state and international, structure and regulate training, support specific facilities in the sector, enhance professionalization and specialization related projects, disseminate and promote society and sustainability