La Central del Circ has among its main objectives to ensure continued circus creation in Barcelona, becoming a space to experiment with ideas and contents for artists and provide the resources for creation. In order to accompany the artists in their creative processes, different types of creative residences and a continued training programming(described in the training section) are being promoted, directed to providing artists the tools which enrich their creative proposals and their work methodologies.

The goal of the creative residences is to give support and to accompany the companies which need a physical space and accompaniment to carry out their artistic projects (research, creation, spectacle rehearsals, etc.), stimulating the artists so that they dedicate themselves to research and their work with greater intensity.

On the other hand, the artists and companies can rent creative spaces, through a normal rental and payment system. La Central has 5 rooms at its disposal.

Finally, In Construction and Open Rehearsals, are moments in which artists can show their workeven if it is still at an initial phase, in order to confront it with other views and to generate a space for dialogue and exchange regarding their artistic proposals.