Gender anti-violence working group

In 2020, from La Central del Circ, and with the support of the ethical commission of the Associació de Professionals de Circ de Catalunya (APCC), a working group was created to fight against gender violence in the circus sector. Aggressions of this type are a systemic problem of the cisheteropatriarchal society in which we live and the circus arts sector is not an exemption.

We want to train, create and work in spaces free of sexist and gender aggressions and that is why we have organized ourselves to be able to listen and give support to all those people affected by this violence within our professional field from a feminist perspective.

The first action of the group was the opening of a mailbox for complaints of sexist and gender violence in order to measure and respond as much as possible to this type of case in this facility. The mailbox is accessible at the link below and can be used by anyone related to La Central del Circ or who has suffered sexist or gender violence by a person related to this sector.

Through the collection of testimonies, two objectives are being worked on: on the one hand, to offer initial support to victims of sexist and gender violence within the sector who request it, and on the other, to provide the circus community with resources to detect and fight against sexist violence in this sector. We hope that by anonymously documenting these attacks we can trace a path for a more collective action against sexist and gender violence in the circus sector in Catalunya.

The next step in this process will be the development of a Protocol for Action against Gender-Based Violence, which is expected to see the light of day at the end of 2022.

Currently and temporarily until the approval of the new protocol for cases of gender violence of La Central del Circ, the working group is made up of artists and managers from the sector: Elena Zanzu, Ione Hermosa and Paula Vallejo. To contact the group you will need to write an email to:

/// Access the anti-gender violence mailbox ///