Due to La Nit dels Museus, La Central del Circ propones a performative action in La Virreina Centre de la Imatge as a result of the dialog that has started last year between Fàbriques de creació de Barcelona and the museus of the city.

The result of this year will be on Saturday 20th May at 8pm and 10pm. A contemporary circus approximation to the wide work about the human hand and the caducity of spoken and written languages of the italian artist Ketty La Rocca (La Spezia 14th July 1938/Florence, 7th February 1976), that has and exhibition nowadays in La Virreina. Amer y Àfrica (Hand to hand acrobatics), Miguel Gigosos (Juggler), Emiliano Pino (musician) and Johnny Torres (acrobat) will be the artists in charge to shape  this action. What will happen will be the result in-situ of what the artists had felt about the work of Ketty La Rocca.

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