Cross-Residences with France

This project is born in 2015 of the will of two entities, La Central del Circ and Coopérative 2R2C, with the aim of allowing companies to develop a residency in the collaborator city and to discover a new cultural and professional environment. This way, between 2015 and 2016m six companies – three French and three Catalan companies- could experiment and exchange processes and thoughts under this format, during two weeks of residency and meetings.

In 2017 La Central del Circ decides to incorporate two new collaborators: La Cascade in Bourg Saint Andéol and La Verrerie in Alès, both centers of residence dedicated to the circus and “pôle national du cirque “.

This year’s participants are:

Amer i Àfrica Circ Cia (CAT)

– Joel Martí i Pablo Molina (CAT)

– Les Quat‘s fers en l’air (FR)

– Pierre-Jean Bréaud (FR)

This new edition of the project, which gives to emergent and consolidated artists the possibility of promoting the development of their project abroad, is possible thanks to the support of the Institut Ramon Llull.