T.E.S.T. – INO Kollektiv

On January 29 we will host the first show of the year in La Central: the company Ino Kollektiv (Cie L) will present INO in our Staging Room.

800This company, which has gone through several paths of our creation support program, is made up of 7 women with six nationalities, six different languages and each with a very personal universe. As they themselves claim, “INO is us, dressed in various layers of social conventions, just like everyone else. Layers that bother us and that don’t allow us to move freely. So we grab onto the seams and get naked, and we realize immediately that social pressures weigh far more than bearing the weight of one another. We hold onto one another, we lift each other, we support each other.”

There will be two sessions, at 4pm and 8pm and

Será en dos pases, a las 16h y las 20h y the capacity of the venue is very small.

Tickets: 5€ on Entradium.

The exhibition T.E.S.T.! (Scenic Path of Technical Sensation) is the final point of the residence of the same name in La Central del Circ, which make available to the selected artistic project the resources available in the Room of Staging, with the aim of giving the piece a first opportunity of staging.