An incubator for cultural initiatives

La Central del Circ provides support to circus initiatives which work on the management, production and distribution of circus spectacles and other entities which promote development of the sector. We want to provide support to business initiatives in these fields to help them become consolidated and to expand the range of companies linked to culture, to the circus, to develop new professionals, to allow direct contact between these professional and the artists and to create a favourable framework for emerging companies to exchange their knowledge and capability.
The incubators are small office-like spaces with a door, dedicated to emerging companies and initiatives. Each one of the offices has an office desk, chairs and Internet access, as well as all the provisions and services that the facilities offer (cleaning, light, etc.). Additionally, the incubator area has a meeting room table and a leisure area, where the different incubator groups can meet each other or with their clients.

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Companies in residence

Emerging company which offers circus production, management, distribution and communications services.
Contact: Jordina Blanch • 616 504 410 • 93 356 27 17