Location rentals for businesses

La Central del Circ has spaces designed and constructed for the different circus disciplines and this differentiating feature means that the space are  extensive and have high ceilings.

Adaptable, customisable and variable spaces for events, conferences, meeting, activities, presentations and for all the needs that any business or association has in mind to create a living space.

Additionally, if a company prefers, we can  create a tailor-made event which incorporates proposals from the circus specifically for the occasion.

Spaces available

La Central del Circ has 3,000 m² space, with 9 metre high ceiling and series of spaces which are grouped in the following manner:

Training Room

General Training Room: 650 m²
Physical preparation area: 125 m²

This room has a linoleum floor, bars and a mirror to work on movement and dance. Additionally, it has a small space dedicated to physical preparation which has two fitness and weights machines.

Creative Rooms

Small Creative Room: 66 m²
Trapezoidal Creative Room: 111 m²
Rectangular Creative Room: 130 m²
Triangular Creative Room: 170 m²

Music Room

Music Room: 71 m²

Sound proof space created for rehearsing music. Currently is does not yet have the technical equipment to carry out this task.

Scenery Practice Room

Scenery Practice Room: 222 m²

The room has sound and lighting equipment and the anchors necessary to host a circus spectacle, it is sound proof, measures 222 m² and has a useful height of 7.28 metres. The stage can be configured as a circus space or as Italian scenery and its equipped with removable seats. Additionally, it has dressing rooms and and all the technical elements necessary to exhibit spectacles.

Multi-use Room 

Space designed for presentations, talks, etc. The room is furnished (tables and chairs) and can be configured according to different needs and has a window through which you can watch the activity in the training room.

Free space and living spaces

Spaces dedicated to common use areas. With tables, chairs, sofas and meeting spaces. With natural light.

For more details and information, write or call:

Irene Soler

produccio@lacentraldelcirc.cat  – tel: 93 356 08 90

The rates to rent spaces in La Central del Circ depend on the activity to be performed. As such, La Central will draft a specific quote for each proposal.