All the fees include an accident insurance policy except the annual fee if the artist already has their own policy.

* The accident policy provided by La Central del Circ offers medical insurance in case the artist suffers an accident during practice or training within La Central del Circ, and covers the medical coverage and recovery costs for the artist in case of an accident. However, this is a minimum level insurance and La Central de Circ recommends that all professionals have their own medical insurance. All users must have a policy in all cases, whether a personal policy or the one offered by La Central. In the case that you already have a personal policy, you must present a copy of the contract on the first day of activity.

** La Central del Circ is a space for circus professionals. For any of the different rates, it is necessary to provide professional accreditation and total dominion over all the techniques. The staff of La Central reserves the right of admission depending on experience.

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