Regulations and safety

Functioning and safety regulations
La Central del Circ is a space constructed by and for everyone and it is also everyone’s responsibility to take care of the space
To guarantee the co-existence as well as the security and proper functioning of the centre, La Central has regulations for the use of the spaces, which are the following:

Training room
–    The use of the training room and its materials is destined exclusively for professional circus artists.
–    The training room is a shared space. Everyone must care and respect each other for the peaceful coexistence with other companions.
–    In order to put on music you must ask permission from the team and other companions.
–    Upon finishing the routine, it is necessary to always leave the space clean and ordered.
–    To enter, you must treure street shoes.
–    Entering with food is completely prohibited.
–    Entering with glass or ceramic objects or containers is completely forbidden.
–    The room will be closed 10 minutes before the centre closes.
–    Allowing animals to enter the equipment is prohibited. In case of leaving animals outside the room, they must be securely tied.
–    Minors must come accompanied by their legal guardians and cannot enter the training room without prior permission from the team.

 Training materials
– Each artist must bring his or her own circus material and standardised rigging material in good state. La Central will make the points of anchorage available for artists.
-In case an artist desires to leave the apparati mounted in a permanent or semi-permanent manner, the artist must allow these apparati to be for shared use.
– As a general rule, mounted apparati must not be left in the space.
– The use of another artist’s material is not permitted without permission from the other individual.
– The safety expert may request the disassembly of an apparati if, according to the expert’s criteria, the material is not in optimal conditions.
– For all material assembly or disassembly, prior appointment is necessary with the La Central technician (, at least 24 hours prior and receive confirmation. In case confirmation has not been received, La Central cannot ensure that the technical staff is available.

Materials dressers and storage
– Annual members have a dresser where they can leave their daily training equipment. Each person may store 2 or 3 pieces of equipment there (if their discipline requires it).
– Temporary users (daily pass or monthly fee) may use the dressers only during the days they are training. If they are absent more than a week, they must also retrieve their material.
– All the materials left in the dressers must be labelled with the name of the person to whom it belongs.
– Materials not used for circus training may not be stored in these dressers under any conditions.
– In case of non-compliance with any of these requirements, La Central may dedicate these materials to the uses that they consider appropriate (remove them to paid storage and thereby claim the corresponding amount from the owner, donate the equipment to another entity, etc.).
– La Central is not responsible for the matierals left in the dressers for daily use.

Kitchen and reading area
-Users have the responsibility to leave the space clean and ordered after use.
-All the food must be labelled with the person’s name. Unlabelled food will be considered for collective use.
-The refridgerators and shelves are for common use. Every 15 days, all the contents must be removed for cleaning (see calendar hanging on the refridgerators).
-After using the microwave, the stove, the oven or any other material, these must be cleaned.

Dressing rooms
– All users are responsible for keeping the area cleana and ordered to the maximum extent possible.
-The lockers may be used free of charge. Ask at reception regarding their use.
– Personal ojects must be left in lockers or in bags on the upper shelves which are especially made for this purpose. In no case may they be brought into the training area.
Each Friday, the dressing rooms must be completely cleared out.

– Practice and training within the work areas is supervised by the security staff, who may provide technical assessment for users.
– The security expert watches over the space in order to ensure that professionals do not make incorrect use of the space or material, or put themselves or other users at risk.
-All users of La Central del Circ must have an accident insurance policy. In the case that an artist has an individual policy, it is necessary to bring a copy of the contract on the first day of activity. In the opposite case, artists can contract the accident insurance policy from La Central del Circ. This policy offers medical insurance in case the artist has an accident during the training performed inside the location of La Central del Circ and includes medical coverage and recovery costs for artists in case of an accident. La Central del Circ recommends all users to have an individual insurance policy.

All users must read and accept the regulations on the functioning and use of spaces