Creation Paths 2022

Research & creation support program – call for projects

(Application deadline: November 23rd 2021, 23:59)


This annual call for projects divides the stays and residencies of La Central del Circ in different categories around two central concepts:

    • RESEARCH: Stays and residencies for research and experimentation (Stay for “Essencial” research and Residency “Dinàmica” in the frame of the current call, but also includes Residency “Incubadora” and Collective Experimentation Labs);
    • CREATION: residencies for companies who are starting, in the middle or at the end of a creation process (Residency Estructural, En Estudi, En Fabricació and T.E.S.T.!).

Each category is facing a specific moment of the creative process and replies to the needs of the path in which the artistic project currently is.

The stays and residencies will take place between February and December 2022. The dates will be fixed depending on company needs and studios availability.


[Informative session (on Spanish): Tuesday November 9th at 10:30am via Zoom. To have access, please contact with]

Thus, we open a call for the following paths:


        • RESEARCH STAY “ESSENCIAL”: This format is open to individual artists who wish to engage with a research process, or while presenting other existing shows, wish to stop and take a breath.
        • RESIDENCY “DINÁMICA”: These residencies are a place for experimenting and researching with some other non-circus discipline, in order to shake, give dynamism and share research as well as to confront around a topic, in presence of another practice that is not circus.


        • EN ESTUDI & EN FABRICACIÓ RESIDENCIES: EN ESTUDI is a residency for artists or companies that are starting a new project and would like to have time to work on it. The objective is to arrive to a 20-minutes piece or work-in-progress. EN FABRICACIÓ targets companies and artists who have already defined their project and are focusing on finishing a creation of a more than 20 minutes piece.
        • RESIDENCY “ESTRUCTURAL”: The purpose of this residency is to deepen the dramaturgical side of projects that are in an initial phase, although it also addresses advanced processes which wish to confront or embrace a different perspective.
        • RESIDENCY T.E.S.T.! (Trànsit Escènic de Sensació Tècnica): This category proposes to the selected artistic team to have a first staging opportunity in the Posada En Escena Room.

Full terms and application form are available here.

If you want prepare your application before accessing to the form, here you can consult the questions included: RESEARCH PATHS / CREATION TRANSITS. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This document is only valid for use as a draft to prepare your application. In no case will applications be accepted through this document, only those sent through the online form will be valid.