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[CLOSED] Research & Creation paths 2023

Support program – call for projects

(Application deadline: November  27th 2022, 23:59)

This annual call for projects divides the stays and residencies of La Central del Circ in different categories around two central concepts:

    • RESEARCH: Stays and residencies for research and experimentation (Stay for “Essential” research and Contamination Residency in the frame of the current call, but also includes Residency “Incubadora” and Collective Experimentation Labs);
    • CREATION:residencies for companies who are starting, in the middle or at the end of a creation process (Residency of Dramaturgical Accompaniment, En Estudi / En Fabricació and T.E.S.T.!).


Each category is facing a specific moment of the creative process and replies to the needs of the path in which the artistic project currently is.

The stays and residencies will take place between February and December 2023. The dates will be fixed depending on company needs and studios availability.

BE CAREFUL! Please remember that La Central del Circ unfortunately does not provide any accommodation and you may be asked to find it by yourself.

[Informative session (in Spanish): Friday November 11th at 10am via Zoom. You’ll find the link on the full bases document]

We open a call for the following paths:


        • ESSENTIAL RESEARCH: This format is open to individual artists who wish to engage with a research process, or while presenting other existing shows, wish to stop and take a breath.
        • CONTAMINATION RESIDENCY (before called “Dinàmic”): These residencies are a place for experimenting and researching with some other non-circus discipline. It requires the presence of an external person to the ongoing creation or research process, who comes to put the work in tension.


        • EN ESTUDI & EN FABRICACIÓ RESIDENCIES: The En Estudi / En Fabricació residencies are designed for circus artists and companies that are starting or are already working on a new middle or long-format creation (more than 20 min). These residencies are promptly addressed to national companies, although the door remains open to companies from other parts of Europe.
        • RESIDENCY OF DRAMATURGICAL ACCOMPANIMENT (before called “Estructural”): This category aims to respond to the need of defining an artistic universe or a dramaturgical approach for WIP pieces. It’s characterized by the presence during the residence of a dramaturgical accompaniment that comes to refine the own authorship, to define a way of writing and/or give an artistic colour to the creation.
        • RESIDENCY T.E.S.T.! (Scenic Path for Technical Feeling): This category proposes to the selected artistic team to have a first staging opportunity in the Posada En Escena Room.

Full terms and application form are available here.

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[ACTIVIDAD AJORNADA] El 28 de octubre presentamos la nueva maleta pedagógica de La Central del Circ

Des de La Central del Circ, conjuntamente con el Centro de Recursos Pedagógicos de Sant Martí, hemos impulsado la creación de la maleta pedagógica ‘Las curas y el circo’, con la voluntad de ofrecer materiales y metodologías diversas para trabajar la importancia de las curas en los centros educativos de secundaria, a través de la práctica y los elementos del circo, así como para facilitar el aprendizaje y el desarrollo de la práctica y la creación artística a los/las jóvenes.

La presentación del proyecto tendrá lugar este viernes, 28 de octubre, a las 12h, en La Central del Circ y asistirán diferentes representantes de la comunidad educativa.

Si estáis interesados/das en asistir, por favor poneros en contacto con

La maleta pedagógica ‘Las curas y el circo’, ideada por la artista Alba Ramió i Güell, propone un trabajo específico sobre las curas a través de la práctica y los elementos del circo en el ámbito personal, relacional y en el espacio.

Podéis consultar más información sobre el proyecto aquí.


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[CERRADA] Convocatoria abierta para la selección de una persona acompañante en la 2a edición del Espacio de acompañamiento

Después de una edición piloto el 2020 y de una primera edición el 2021, emprendemos este otoño una segunda edición del Espacio de Acompañamiento para artistas emergentes, el cual constará de tres dispositivos: el acompañamiento personalizado, los encuentros abiertos de formación y las mesas de dialogo e intercambio.

En este marco, abrimos una convocatoria para seleccionar una persona referente de acompañamiento, que se encargará de los tres dispositivos, des de diciembre de 2022 hasta el octubre 2023, con la colaboración del equipo de La Central del Circ.

Aquí podéis consultar las bases completas de la convocatoria y acceder al formulario. 

La fecha límite para presentarse a la convocatoria es el 6 de noviembre de 2022 (incluido).

Para saber más sobre el programa Espacio de Acompañamiento, podéis consultar este enlace. ¡Si te interesa estar informado/a de las novedades y propuestas del Espacio de Acompañamiento, puedes inscribirte en la base de datos especifica! 


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Amb el nou curs engeguem els projectes de Caixa d’Eines i EN RESiDÈNCiA

Aquesta setmana arrenquen de nou els projectes educatius EN RESiDÈNCiA, artistes als instituts de Barcelona, i Caixa d’Eines, de Pla de Barris.

Pel que fa a EN RESiDÈNCiA, aquest curs treballarem amb els i les alumnes de 3r de l’Institut Martí Pous, que duran a terme un procés de creació amb la companyia Gatillo Culón, formada per Lorena Madurga i Oriol Borràs. Podeu seguir el seu treball en el bloc del procés.

També ha començat una nova edició del projecte Caixa d’Eines, que enguany es farà a l’Escola Prim, amb els/les artistes i formadors/es Javi Barroso i Linda de Berardinis, i a l’Institut Barri Besòs, amb Sergio González i Linda de Berardinis.


Territory(ies), Community(ies) and Artistic Practices is a research programme on community artistic creation involving four Creation Factories in Barcelona. Since 2021, the Ateneu Popular 9 Barris, La Central del Circ and El Graner have been carrying out creation laboratories led by the neighbourhood of their immediate territories and professional artists linked to the facilities. In 2022, Fabra i Coats has been added.

It is a project that aims to rethink the idea of territory as a common place and to move through new relational contexts from the cultural practice understood beyond the consumer good. With this project, we assume the need to reflect collectively on what kind of culture we generate in our neighbourhoods. Understanding this need from a bidirectionality of action, we want to reflect on what strategies we deploy to get closer to the territories and neighbourhoods, and how we build spaces for the exchange of horizontal and emancipatory knowledge.

Having started with a conference at the Biennial of Thought 2020, this year the project is once again opening up to the city with this conference, that will take place on October 15th (from 10am to 3pm), which will present the project’s journey over the last two years and offer participatory experiences linked to community artistic creation.

Places are limited with prior registration (until 12 October) by e-mail to, indicating:

  • Name and surname(s) of the person(s) who wish to register.
  • Experience in which they would prefer to participate (A, B, C or D) in the time slot from 11:00 to 13:00.


10:00 – 11:00 Welcome and presentation by Dianelis Diéguez, researcher who has accompanied the project for the last two years.

11:00 – 13:00 Simultaneous participatory experiences proposed by the teams from each factory:

A) Ateneu Popular 9 Barris

How do we get involved in community creation?

Leave your mobile phone in aeroplane mode inside a box and enter GLOBALAGAN: a fresh, playful and intimate space that invites us to openness and presence. A game of encounter between strangers through balloons, questions, challenges and a mission to be solved collectively.

Dynamises: Sally Eden

B) La Central del Circ

How to make visible the links that unite us in a situation of risk and collective negotiation?

We will activate a space for conscious and collective reflection on vulnerability, affectation, limits, risk and power relations that occur between bodies. The performative force of this encounter opens up the meaning of bodies, creating a living structure from a shared experience.

Dynamises: Elena Zanzu

C) El Graner

Territories of language: a collective score of gestures and voice

In this workshop, we will explore how the notion of territory is traversed by language. Through words and orality, gesture and silence, we will try to trace how things said and unsaid create social spaces.

Through artistic practices that set voice and gesture, oral and choreographic language in motion, we will generate an archive of verbs, a catalogue of actions representative of a common memory. From here, we will analyse how this constellation of words and movements gives way to the composition of a collective score.

Dynamises: João Lima

D) Fabra i Coats

How to become us?

Deadlines & Dragons is a role-playing game about the relationship between artistic practices-territories-communities. A game to share and reflect on situated cultural and artistic practices that seek to achieve the common good.

13:00 – 14:00 Sharing session

14:00 – 15:00 Snacks